David Irving – talking tough in the USA on History’s Most Sensitive Subject, ā€œDr. Goebbels, Hitler, and the Holocaust.ā€ February to March 2014


Center: Jews being deported from Bielefeld, Germany, to Latvia on December 13, 1941.

Goebbels biographyWHAT HAD previously been a disorganized shuffle, the expulsion of Germany’s Jews to the East, now became a stampede, as Himmler's instructions empowered Heydrich and the RSHA to throw their full weight behind it. The Reichsbahn joined in with professional will and disinterest, providing third-class accommodation in slam-door passenger trains holding about a thousand passengers each.

   The photographs show the expellees milling along railroad platforms with baggage, bedrolls, and implements, incongruously dressed in their sabbath best, the women sometimes in designer dresses, furs, and fine millinery, the men in trilbies salvaged from their law chambers - they were after all going to a new life in the east.

   As the Reich cities emptied of Jews, people in authority showed little awareness of what was happening at the far-away destinations; perhaps they did not care, but the decoded messages revealed a lot to the equally disinterested enemy codebreakers. Who was behind it, and how much did Hitler know?” - From David Irving’s Himmler biography