The International Campaign for Real History

Click for special rateTo reserve your room at the five-star function hotel, click the Marriott logo on the right [or this link]

You will then get the screen pictured below. It is already programmed to give you the special room rate for the Real History weekend, $89 (plus tax) for a room or suite instead of $149 or $259.

Select the correct check-in and check-out months and dates ...

... then click the button Check Rates & Availablility   
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When you get the rate confirmation page pictured below, select this button on it Reserve a Room

Now you can fill out your room preferences and enter your personal data. You will automatically get the special reduced rate for the Real History function. Then you are set. If you have any issues please email us, Focal Point Publications, and we will do out best to help.

We'll see you in Cincinnati!

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