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British historian David Irving talks on "Hitler & I" tonight Wednesday in Bismarck and Friday in Minneapolis His road journey continues then through Wisconsin and the mid-West.

November 14, 2012

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David Irving is in Montana, USA on his lecture tour, and writing Himmler

BANGED UP: The full story of how the Austrian secret police ambushed and imprisoned Mr Irving 2005-6 ... for a lecture he gave sixteen years earlier

enlarge. Video DVD: David Irving at Alvin, Texas: "Hitler, Churchill, and Iraq - war crimes of the modern world." $25

Video DVD: The Life and Death of Heinrich Himmler. enlarge

David Irving at Niagara Falls in 2012. Drawing on data from Moscow and other archives, he talks about Himmler's mysterious death in 1945, his achievements, anÅd how much he actually told Hitler, his "Messiah," of what he was doing. $25. Pre-order now at $20.

Video DVD: Now available. David Irving speaks on THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH IN HISTORY • After billionaire oligarchs bribed the Canberra Government to ban him from Australia, he entered another way - on 10,000 videos! $25| enlarge

Ich komme wieder

Video DVD: David Irving's message to the Germans: $30: click for details

- a thrilling war story of British genius and heroism.


David Irving DVD talk on Winston Churchill

Video DVD: DAVID IRVING talking about Churchill's War


Addresses of political prisoners jailed by the New Europe: Remember these persecuted Revisionists. Write them now and throughout 2012 





David Irving's classic history of the infighting between the top Allied generals during the 1944 invasion of Normandy, based on their unknown private letters and diaries.



 David Irving's daily newswatch on History and Human Rights





It is exactly twenty years since Mr Irving was deported in handcuffs from Canada on Nov 13, 1992, after a rigged trial -- see GLOBAL VENDETTA -- staged on Canadian Jewish Congress orders. "It is not easy being a Real Historian," he says. »»


David Irving kündigt Deutschlandreise an (in German) - Irving announces Germany tour

This new Europe: More horror tales from the Vienna woods: Persecution of rightwing historians and writers continues (in German) - mass trial under 1945 "Reactivation" laws, witness testifies by video link from Spanish courts

David Irving, a Radical's Diary: The Hell that is Vegas; my rudeness loses friends; we secretly view the Rommel film, but a Stuttgart court disbelieves I own rights to my own book about him; Barnes & Noble are also pirating my books; Red violence in the Pacific north-west USA; Europe forces Germany to lift the ban on me, but it seems Germany has fined me ten thousand dollars under its Freedom of Movement laws - for a two-day visit in 2010; encounters with two scamsters, one at a gas station; on 'recreational drugs' and 'experimenting'

A number of uninvited caped crusaders arrived for our Portland, Oregon ("Rose City") talk. They were dressed in black, misunderstanding perhaps that this hotel was the decoy and that masks were not de rigueur. Or perhaps these uglies came for a Halloween party? Disruptive activities continued at a secondary Portland location, the Embassy Suites hotel, where the masked Leftist crusaders failed even to find the meeting room. Leftist thugs also tried to break up David Irving's lecture at Seattle's downtown Hilton Hotel. They failed. The hotel security staff fought back courageously, police and firefighters did the rest, and arrests were made. The talk at the Hilton went ahead as planned.


JTA logoJewish Telegraph Agency: Microsoft, Israel agree to strategic cooperation - quoi de neuf? "Strategic?" | and in other cultural news: Opera focusing on Nazi atrocities will premiere in Austrian parliament building on Holocaust memorial day

Lawyers in leniency plea for Chicago's Red thugs | dossier: Ashford House Attack

"Mr. Bean" star Rowan Atkinson calls for repeal of British hate- speech law

Edinburgh doctor brainwashed Nazis in WW2

Why are we not surprised? Nicholas Levene, City financier, jailed in London - defrauded investors out of tens of millions of pounds to fund his extravagant lifestyle - spent millions on school fees, luxury holidays, yachts and properties, and a home in Israel


Two-faced disbarred Holocaust mega-lawyer Ed Fagan loses again. US Federal judge "finds no trace" of a Holocaust survivor group Fagan purported to represent. "Fagan is no stranger to the tactic of acquiring a partial interest in Nazi-looted art for the sole purpose of pursuing restitution lawsuits." (Some lawyers thank God for Hitler's Holocaust.) | More on Fagan

Stuttgart, Germany, court has refused our demand to halt the broadcast of the blockbuster Rommel movie (our Strafantrag | their Judgment: pdf files, German) | we shall need funds for the next stage, the main trial of our plagiarism claim: DONATE | Rommel film gets 6.8m viewers | See the Rommel film on YouTube and judge for yourself

The Independent: Row over film that portrays Rommel: it "relies on" David Irving, say critics | German press enthralled by the movie: Ulrich Tukur brilliert als Erwin Rommel | ARD zeigt neuen "Rommel"-Film | Hitlers Liebling

Once above the law, now beyond it: BBC's arch paedophile Jimmy Savile was Israel supporter and devout Zionist

Daily Mail: David Irving is allowed back into Germany... thanks to EU rules that allow free movement ... but he's still barred from Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Do we hear faint cheers?

How Britain tortured German WW2 prisoners: Horrifying interrogation methods

Outrage as David Irving's lawyer wins case against German government's twenty-year old ban: Tagesschau | Tageszeitung (in German). - Our PDF documents: the lifetime ban on Mr Irving | Court lifts the ban | Europe-Online: Historian Irving overturns German ban (spot the difference in the language) | Note: Canada, Australia, and every other country based their bans on the (now "illegal") German ban. . . | Previously: The usual slime: German press Schmierfinken report "Nazi apologist" David Irving's court appeal

Süddeutsche Zeitung, before court ruling: "1993 hatte Irving vor Gesinnungsfreunden in München behauptet, dass die den Touristen in Auschwitz gezeigte Gaskammer eine Attrappe sei, die nach Kriegsende von den Polen gebaut wurde. Dafür verurteilte ihn das Landgericht München I ... zu einer Geldstrafe von 15.000 Euro. Die Münchner Ausländerbehörde wies ihn unbefristet aus." Translation: Irving "was fined $25,000 and permanently banned from Germany for saying that the gas chamber shown to tourists in Auschwitz is a post-war fake." Oops: The Warsaw government now admits it was erected in 1948, and the plaque outside the building confirms it - in tiny print

Daily Mail's dogs dig up more old bones: They find MI5 chief Guy Liddell's diary | which has been our website for five years now | and they reveal that Churchill recommended shooting top Nazis without trial, which we published in 1996, with better documents, in "Nuremberg, the Last Battle" - Wake up, Daily Mail: you'll find these stories on our website but better! | Then The Guardian belatedly copies the Daily Mail: Britain favoured execution over Nuremberg trials for Nazi leaders | and see our Churchill's lynch-law dossier [1] [2]

Chancellor Angela Merkel to open yet another Holocaust memorial in heart of Berlin, designed by Israeli, cost 2.8million euros - "historians say" Nazis killed half million Gypsies. No comment.
David Irving found: on Apr 20, 1942, Himmler (or Hitler) ordered Heydrich: "Keine Vernichtung der Zigeuner," gypsies were not to be destroyed: how many "historians" mention that?

NY Post: Brooklyn child-molest monster "got away with it" after fleeing to Israel »»
- just as Hitler
predicted in Mein Kampf | in which connection, Bavaria again tries to ban Mein Kampf | German Jews' leader Charlotte Knobloch now opposes even annotated Mein Kampf

How low can you grovel, Nick? Britain's deputy PM makes the obligatory visit to Auschwitz - sees gas chamber (which Poles acknowledge was built three years after WW2 ended). He should remind his hosts that they were killing British soldiers in Palestine and assassinating British ministers while Britain was fighting Hitler; or perhaps he is too young to know that


BBC History - The WW2 Luftwaffe interrogator who used kindness over violence

Shocking mural portraying bankers removed from London's East End - local Jews totally outraged

How they do it: Toben grounded - Australian Jews gloat as Revisionist Toben is forced to surrender passport after action brought by one of them, "Jeremy Jones"

Free speech update: Twitter blocks a "neo-Nazi" account in Germany, implementing a policy to ban local content for the first time | Twitter agrees to remove a flood of anti Semitic tweets in France

David Irving to visit Portland, Oregon on Nov.3: "Anti-fascists" Will Confront Event - (if they can find it!)

The Great Shakedown latest: New York Holocaust gang pleads guilty to stealing from survivors

Profile in greed: Southern Poverty Law Center, a wellspring of manufactured hate - and they don't like us either

We would expect no less: Socialist-Green coalition government of Austria will erect downtown memorial in central Vienna honouring WW2 deserters

So the Right is rising in Germany, and the Left knows not why? With a database, Germany tracks rise in far right - "The Germans think we have too many foreigners in this country," says Kiyak [an immigrant]

Even Dr Goebbels could not have invented this: Jewish Groups sue New York City over Snip-n-Suck rule - (right) Warning: May upset sensitive readers

It's in their blood: Rabbi who peddled fake Holocaust torahs is jailed - Defence attorney says in a 69-page brief his client was a respected, compassionate member of the community but with a psychological compulsion to lie

An October surprise? Jewish Telegraph Agency reports: Israel, U.S. considering joint "surgical strike" on Iran - surgical, as in, This won't hurt you at all?

We have wondered too: Is history doomed to repeat itself? - "All a kid sees, then, is news footage of orthodox Jewish settlers pushing the wretched Palestinian off his remaining bits of dirt, or vision of the IDF smoking entire houses in Ramallah, our television screens filled with the dirty faces of bewildered children and be-robed women howling for their dead sons. About how Israel plans to bomb the Iranian nuke program and how it assassinates scientists involved and hacks into Iran's computers. They watch CCTV images of Israeli assassins taking out enemies like Mahmoud al-Mabhou in a Dubai hotel and are forever told the world is on a knife-edge with the Middle East because of our support for the Jewish state." - See our dossier on the origins of anti-Semitism

The story so far: The Brandenburg, Germany, superior court has ordered a German film production company to show us the film and screenscript of their blockbuster "Rommel" movie, due to be screened on Nov 1. German screenwriter Niki Stein boasts that he relied on David Irving's bestselling biography. ("Selbstverständlich habe er Irving gelesen, sagt Stein, und auch Szenen aus seiner Darstellung entwickelt") The film company's lawyers are resisting our injunction tooth and nail. And now, Niki Stein turns to a fresh topic: Hitler's War, an eight-part series. Hmmm: May see him in court on that, too | Focus: TV-Serie über Hitler (in German) | And still they scratch away: Scottish historian's Hitler book now a TV series - his ground-breaking research debunked Hitler

But would Adolf have liked him? Arnold Schwarzenegger admits he once said he admired Hitler

May all good authors live that long: Sven Hassel, novelist who depicted Nazi soldiers' lives, dies at 95

This new free Europe: Regensburg court issues new Strafbefehl against British bishop Williamson (Strafbefehl: an iniquitous German method of trial in absentia, which omits any initial hearing and obliges the defendant to appeal against punishment, or else). Recall: the earlier conviction was overturned | click here for lots more on Williamson

Outrage as UK auction house sells Nazi memorabilia on Yom Kippur, the most solemn day in the Jewish calendar (that's when they chant the Kol Nidre, which formally clears them to lie and to violate all contracts for the next twelve months. Yes, sounds solemn enough to us)

The unheard anger mounts: "This isn't the Britain we fought for," say the "unknown warriors" of WWII - FLASHBACK: On Jan 12, 2000 David Irving told the Judge in the trial of Deborah Lipstadt: "I regret the passing of the Old England. I sometimes think, my Lord, that if the soldiers and sailors who stormed the beaches of Normandy in 1944 could see what England would be like at the end of this century, they would not have gone fifty yards up the beach. I think they would have given up in disgust." (Trial transcript at page 132)

Why us? More: Jean-Marie Le Pen claims B'nai Brith prevented him from joining French government: B'nai Brith denies it, then tells daughter to sack him

"Hobsbawm was the Marxist version of David Irving": that's nice; in fact Eric Hobsbawm had due praise for Irving, as did Norman Mailer

After the circumcision scandal, more body-horrors: Israeli parents tattooing offspring with their camp numbers - scholar Michael Berenbaum is enthusiastic | And ... yet another Holocaust profiteer's book is unmasked as a lie in Australia

Outrage in Greece as police send crime victims to far-right Golden Dawn party, for protection from "immigrant scum"

Strange bedfellows: Obscene anti-Semitism is rife in left-wing online outlets like the "anti-Fascist" Indymedia

Despite media noise: Joseph Goebbels love letters fail to sell

Freedom of Information latest: US military has designated Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as "enemies" of the United States - like al-Qaeda and Taliban

Book Publisher Penguin goes to Court to recoup hefty Advances from Holocaust-Liars (above) | original story

Penguin signed "Holocaust survivor" Herman Rosenblat for $40,000 to describe how he "survived because of a young girl who snuck him food. 17 years later the two met on a blind date and have been together ever since, married 50 years." Rosenblat's story was hailed by Oprah Winfrey as the "single greatest love story" she had told on the air. Like much else, it turned out to be a lie. Now Penguin wants him to repay.



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* ASSHOL: Association of Spurious Survivors of the Holocaust and Other Liars

* AWPOW: Are we powerful or what! | YOUR LETTERS:

: Paul Grubach points out that even Jewish academics confirm the role of Hungary's Jews in their Communist regime and secret police
: Kevin Walsh accuses: "Was it right for you to pull out of Norway?"
: Alex G, South Carolina student, asks about the 1941 Rudolf Hess mission\
: Frank Jaffe is outraged that we accuse Israel of exploiting the Bishop Williamson controversy



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